Kruzer - Manual Press

The Kruzer handles most of our smaller jobs. Typically 1 - 20 pieces. A diverse press that allows us to produce beautiful hand-pulled prints and quick turnaround times.

The Diamondback - Automatic Press

The Diamondback is our oldest press and is capable of printing up to 6 color prints. A reliable press that typically handles jobs of 25-5000+ pieces with 6 color prints or less.

The Sportsman EXG - Automatic Press

The Sportsman  is the latest addition to the SLI shop. Capable of up to 10 color prints, this press does a majority of the heavy lifting. Printing large runs of textile apparel as well printing detailed multicolor designs with ease.

Tajima 6 head Embroidery Station

Our Tajima 6 head embroidery station handles the heavy lifting in our embroidery department. It can sew everything from ball caps and beanies to lab coats and polos.


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