Our Favorite Things To Do in Toledo

What a great time of year and what a great area we live and work in! At lunch the other day we got to talking about our favorite things to do in the Toledo area and came up with a pretty good list. Take a look and see if you agree with our thoughts.

Of course our conversation got started with our favorite places to eat (we often talk about food around here). There were a wide range of choices. Many people love to go the Docks to enjoy the food and fun offered there. Paddy Jack’s was a favorite as was the Spaghetti Warehouse.  Ahmed’s Steak House is popular for the steak and potato crowd and Bergers Old Thyme Grill was popular for their great ½ lb. burgers!  The subject of Mexican style restaurants got some fun going with CInco de Mayo and El Nuevo Vallarta seemingly coming out on top, with El Camino Real garnering a great deal of favor as well. Let us know about your favorite eateries – we’re always looking for new places!

There was greater consensus when it came to defining Wildwood Park a favorite for biking, walking and just getting away from it all. And our group’s favorite bike shop is Wersell’s and taking advantage of their many planned community bike rides. We also have a golfing contingent that rated Ottawa Park and Bedford Hills among their favorite links.

Another favorite is the Toledo Museum of Art. A couple of our staff have taken the Flame Art Classes to make seasonal glass objects as decorations or gifts. And certainly the Toledo Zoo is a favorite of everyone!

We all agreed that Toledo offers excellent entertainment opportunities from major college athletics (Go Rockets!) to top notch professional level sports with the Mud Hens, Walleye, and LPGA golf, to major musical and theatrical entertainment at the Huntington Center and Stranahan Theater.

Be sure to let us know on our Facebook or Twitter what some of your favorites are and help introduce us to some new places using the hashtag, #SLIToledoGreats

Getting Ready For Spring

NCAA basketball is about to start their annual national tournament, spring training has begun in Florida and Arizona, and the birds are returning north. What a great time of year as we all look forward to spring, better weather and getting back outside.

As your thoughts turn to spring, we would ask that you consider a few questions:

  • What events do your church, club, school, social, etc. organizations have coming up? Will they need any t-shirts, caps, signs or banners for these events?
  • Are you involved with any fund raising events? You may want to consider using an SLI web store (see last month’s blog!)
  • If you own or operate a business, does your signage need up-dating? Do your vehicles need vinyl lettering or vehicle magnets? Do you or your staff need some new logo apparel?
  • Are your summer baseball, softball or other athletic teams in need of athletic apparel?
  • Are you planning a family reunion that could use a banner, directional signs or t-shirts?

Let us help you with making your spring and summer events more fun and more successful!

How could you benefit from a web store?

Have you ever tried organizing a group order?  First you must create an order form. Next you distribute the order form only to have to collect them along with individual payments.  Then tally and compile all the orders and turn them in to the apparel company.  None of these tasks is as fun as what is still to come.  Sorting and packaging the items by individual orders!  From experience I can tell you that it never comes out right the first time and you are left digging through already packaged orders looking for the large shirt you mistakenly packaged as an extra-large.  Of course that is assuming that the orders were tallied and compiled correctly from the order forms.

If you have been through this grueling, unappreciated process before I am sure as you read this you are muttering – never again…  If you have yet to experience this exercise in futility you have to be thinking to yourself – there must be a better way…

Good News!  There is a better way! A SLI Custom Signs & Apparel web store.

Here are just a few ways your group (and your sanity) can benefit from a SLI Web Store:

  •          An easy to navigate web site where everyone chooses their items, sizes and personalizations – No order forms to distribute and collect
  •          Easy Online Checkout where everyone pays individually – no money to collect or be responsible for
  •          Shipping Options
  •          Quicker turnaround times – we have the orders as soon as they are placed
  •         We pack each order individually by packing slip – No sorting and packing on your end
  •      Fundraising Options – You set the prices for your group – We write a check to you or the group for all profits

Click the web stores link and check out a few stores or download the FAQ for more information.

If you are interested in a web store for your team, group, organization or company email one of our web store experts:

Joshua Bunton – jb@slicustom.com

Jordan Scott – jordan@slicustom.com

Or call 419.476.9191.

New Year, New Name

This is a very exciting time for us! Growing from the corner of a garage doing only screen printed corrugated plastic signs to currently offering a multitude of sign products as well growing into one of the Toledo's largest apparel decorators has been a fantastic journey. We are not just a sign company anymore!  And we truly feel the best is yet to come!

That is why we are now going by the name SLI Custom Signs & Apparel.  Our vision is to continue to grow and expand our markets. To support this vision we will continue to invest in our staff and our equipment. In fact, in February we will be taking delivery of a new textile screen printing machine that will allow us to meet the growing demand for high quality, multi-color imprints and keep up our commitment to rapid turnaround times.

Obviously this growth offers continuing challenges, but we look forward to tackling them and we will continue to provide the great quality and support you have always received. While we are no longer a “little” company, nor are we “big” – we’re the perfect size for working with you to meet your sign and custom decorated apparel needs!

Finally,  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped The Sign Lady, Inc. grow into becoming SLI Custom Signs & Apparel. Thanks especially to our loyal and growing customer base that has supported us since the beginning in 2002. Thanks also to our many employees, both present and past that worked so hard to help us fulfill our vision.


Larry Lemerand

Co-Owner, Vice President

SLI Custom Signs & Apparel